Ford Approved Adhesives

Fusor® Adhesives

Fusor® Repair Adhesives

Fusor® 108B Metal Bonding Adhesive

Fusor Rivet Bonding Standard Operating Procedure

Fusor® 108B/109B Metal Bonding Adhesive (Medium)

Fusor® 110B/111B Metal Bonding Adhesive (Fast)

Fusor® 121/124 Flexible Foam (Super Fast)

Fusor® 123/126 Non-Sag Seam Sealer (Fast)

Fusor® 800DTM/803DTM Direct-to-Metal Adhesive/Sealant

Fusor® 802HD/804HD 805HD/806HD High Definition Sealer

Fusor® 147/148 Plastic Bonding Adhesive (Medium)

Fusor® 122EZ Self-Leveling Seam Sealer (Medium)

3M® Adhesives

3M - Aluminum FAQ

3M - Aluminum Repair and Refinish SOPs

3M - Aluminum Rivet Bonding SOP

3M - Aluminum Repair Matrix

3M - Product Solutions for the 2015 Ford F150

Ford Approvals

Listing of all Ford approvals